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Frasers Commercial Asset Management Ltd.

438 Alexandra Road
#21-00 Alexandra Point
Singapore 119958
Phone: +65 6276 4882
Fax: +65 6276 8942

Directors of the manager

Mr Bobby Chin Yoke Choong

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr Chang Tou Chen

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr Chay Wai Chuen

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr Chia Khong Shoong

Non-Executive Director

Mr Low Chee Wah

Non-Executive Director

Mr Christopher Tang Kok Kai

Non-Executive Director

Audit, risk and compliance committee

Name Position
Mr Chay Wai Chuen Chairman
Mr Bobby Chin Yoke Choong Member
Mr Chang Tou Chen Member

Nominating and remuneration committee

Name Position
Mr Chang Tou Chen Chairman
Mr Bobby Chin Yoke Choong Member
Mr Chay Wai Chuen Member
Mr Christopher Tang Kok Kai Member

Company secretary

Ms Catherine Yeo

SGX short trading name

Frasers Comm Tr


British and Malayan Trustees Limited

1 Coleman Street #08-01
The Adelphi Singapore 179803
Phone: +65 6535 4922
Fax: +65 6535 1258


Barclays Bank Plc (Singapore Branch)
BNP Paribas Singapore Branch
Citibank N.A., Singapore Branch
Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Singapore Branch
DBS Bank Limited
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
The Bank of East Asia, Singapore Branch



16 Raffles Quay #22-00
Hong Leong Building
Singapore 048581
Phone: +65 6213 3388
Fax: +65 6225 0984
Partner-in-charge: Karen Lee Shu Pei
Appointed: 20 January 2016

Corporate governance

Frasers Commercial Asset Management Ltd. (the “Manager”), as manager of Frasers Commercial Trust (“FCOT”), is committed to high standards of corporate governance in the business and operations of the Manager, FCOT and their respective subsidiaries so as to protect the interest of, and enhance the value of Unitholders’ investments in, FCOT.

FCOT is a real estate investment trust (“REIT”) listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the “SGX-ST”) and the Manager is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Frasers Property Limited (“Frasers Property”).

The Manager’s commitment to high standards of corporate governance is spearheaded by a highly-qualified Board of Directors of the Manager (the “Board”), and supported by an experienced and a qualified Management team (the “Management”).

The Manager has general powers of management over the assets of FCOT. The Manager’s key responsibility is to manage FCOT’s assets and liabilities for the benefit of Unitholders with a focus on delivering a stable distribution to Unitholders and where appropriate, enhance the values of existing properties and increase the property portfolio over time.

The other functions and responsibilities of the Manager include preparing annual asset plans and undertaking regular individual asset performance analysis and market research analysis, managing finance functions relating to FCOT (which includes capital management, treasury, co-ordination and preparation of consolidated budgets) and supervising property managers who perform the day-to-day property management functions for FCOT’s properties, namely (i) China Square Central and Alexandra Technopark in Singapore, (ii) Central Park, Caroline Chisholm Centre and 357 Collins Street in Australia and (iii) Farnborough Business Park in the United Kingdom. The Manager holds a Capital Markets Services Licence (“CMS Licence”) issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) to carry out REIT management activities as required under the licensing regime for REIT managers that came into effect on 1 August 2008.

The Manager ensures that the business of FCOT is carried on and conducted in a proper and efficient manner adhering to the principles and guidelines of the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (the “CG Code”) and other applicable laws and regulations, including the listing rules of SGX-ST, the Code on Collective Investment Schemes (the “Code on CIS”) and the Securities and Futures Act (the “SFA”).

This corporate governance report (“CG Report”) provides an insight on the Manager’s corporate governance framework and practices in compliance with the principles and guidelines of the CG Code. As FCOT is a listed REIT, not all principles of the CG Code may be applicable to FCOT and the Manager. Any deviations from the CG Code are explained.

Whistle-Blowing Policy

FCOT's corporate governance reports

You can download FCOT's Corporate Governance Reports from the links below:


20 Dec 2018 | PDF (153 KB)


22 Dec 2017 | PDF (143 KB)


23 Nov 2016 | PDF (80 KB)


23 Nov 2015 | PDF (103 KB)


23 Nov 2014 | PDF (316 KB)


23 Nov 2013 | PDF (462 KB)


23 Dec 2012 | PDF (155 KB)


23 Nov 2011 | PDF (294 KB)


23 Nov 2010 | PDF (113 KB)


23 Nov 2009 | PDF (325 KB)


23 Nov 2008 | PDF (490 KB)


23 Nov 2007 | PDF (82 KB)


22 Dec 2006 | PDF (426 KB)

Sustainability report

We are pleased to present our fourth Sustainability Report that captures our overarching approach to sustainability and our practices and performance for the financial year ended 30 September 2018.

We believe that sustainability is one of the key aspects contributing to our aspiration of becoming a leading owner of quality commercial real estate properties and the preferred choice for businesses and investors. Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, we were one of the first Singapore REITs (SREITs) to report on sustainability together with our sponsor, Frasers Property. Frasers Property has developed a Sustainability Framework (Framework) which sets out the Group’s sustainability priorities until 2030, including developing strategies and action plans by FY2019. We will develop our sustainability strategies and action plans by FY2019 based on the three sustainability pillars and 13 corresponding ESG focus areas identified in the Framework. This will be undertaken with support from the Group’s Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) and Sustainability Working Committee (SWC). The SSC spearheads initiatives and strategies to drive sustainability, whereas SWC monitors sustainability performance, implement action plans and communicate and report to our stakeholders. The SSC and SWC comprise senior management and representatives from various business units across the Group. FCOT is represented on both the SSC and SWC.

The Board considers sustainability as part of FCOT’s long-term business strategies, and this includes, among others, the management of the relevant ESG aspects. Our approach is aligned with Frasers Property, where sustainability is anchored on the unifying idea of ‘Experience Matters’ which centers on the ‘experience’ of the customer and employees of the Group. We are pleased to report that we have continued to make progress in our sustainability performance in FY2018.

We believe that sustainability will continue to be one of the key pillars in achieving our aspirations and to deliver long-term growth to our Unitholders.

Board of Directors
Frasers Commercial Asset Management Ltd.
(manager of Frasers Commercial Trust)

FCOT's sustainability reports

You can download FCOT's Sustainability Reports from the links below:

FY2018 Sustainability Report

20 Dec 2018 | PDF 1571 kb

FY2017 Sustainability Report

22 Dec 2017 | PDF 3412 kb

FY2016 Sustainability Report

20 Dec 2016 | PDF 2267 kb

FY2015 Sustainability Report

16 Dec 2015 | PDF 1042 kb

Credit rating

Rating Agency Ratings Outlook Credit Analyst's Contact
Moody’s Investor Service Baa2 Negative Jacintha Poh
Contact: (65) 6398 8300

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